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Malware attacks at Google and Yahoo.

Malware attacks at Google and Yahoo.

Jan 20, 2014

A recent spate of Malware has once again highlighted the importance of keeping your IT systems protected. Google and Yahoo have been exploited in two seperate attacks, leaving users at risk.

The attack on Yahoo meant that adverts on it’s homepage were installing bitcoin mining software onto customers computers. The software is designed to use up system resources to generate bitcoins for the attacker.

At Google, a number of extensions for the Chrome browser were found to be installing Malware designed to redirect internet traffic and force adverts on users.

Both these incidents show the necessity of keeping up-to-date Malware protection. We would recommend AVG or Malwarebytes, industry packages with the option of free use for home users. AVG can be found at:, and Malwarebytes is at:


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